Our focus is on the butcher and the equipment they require to run a smooth, hassle free business.

ilease4Butchers is a specialised industry-specific finance option catering purely for retail and wholesale butchery needs. Our focus is on the butcher and the equipment they require to run a smooth, hassle-free business. You take care of the meat and we take care of the money that makes you profitable.

How can ilease4Butchers help your business?

ilease4Butchers can assist in guiding through the maze of finance options available out in the market place, we consult on how to structure, design and execute the finance package that you feel most comfortable with.

This will allow you to organise your current cash flow levels and leaves room for you to further borrow money for future expansion.

We don’t use finance industry speak and we like to listen to our customers, because if you don’t tell us your finance pain then we can’t help take the finance pain away.

What can ilease4Butchers finance?

We could write a list but that would be boring and pointless, so lets put it this way! We fund just about anything you can put in your shop, this includes the van you delivery the meat in and the cold air inside. That’s right we finance cold air as well.


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Understand the Benefits of Equipment Finance

Renting your point of sale equipment offers tangible benefits to your business. First and foremost, it aids cash flow – one of the key constraints on small to medium businesses. Your capital is not tied up in purchasing equipment but can be used to improve your venue in other ways. There are also considerable tax advantages, with the monthly payment able to be written off as a business expense, similar to your rent, or phone and electricity bills. Additionally, at the end of the rental period, it is typically an inexpensive option to purchase the system outright, or even better, roll over to a newer, more up-to-date solution for the same or similar monthly outlay